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AMD PHENOM X3 8600B Based on a single die design, AMD's K10 are vulnerable to manufacturing defects. To counter the low-yields, they decided to disable the 'buggy' core and sell them as triple-cores. This process allows AMD to launch a wide range of products with dual, tri and quad core processors fitting every price points in the market. Resulting from AMD's pricing strategy, these triple-cores will be competing against Intel's 45nm Wolfdale Core 2 Duo. But in this extract of the original review (in Chinese), we shall see how the tri-core will perform against it's own quad-core brother.

Looking at the identification code,
we can see that the naming schema has changed since the dual-core days.

CPU-Z reveals that the processor is based on the Toliman core,
and shares the same amount of L3 (2MB) as its quad-core brother.

Test Rig:AMD Phenom X4 9600 (Socket AM2+, 2.3GHz, 4*512K L2, 2MB L3)
AMD Phenom X3 8600 (Socket AM2+, 2.3Ghz, 3*512K L2, 2MB L3)
AMD Athlon64 X2 4400+ (Socket AM2, 2.3Ghz, 2*512K L2)

Motherboard: MSI K9N2 Platinum
Memory: PNY 1Gb×2 DDR2-800 (6-5-5-15 2T)
Storage: Seagate SATA 320G 7200.10
Graphics: XFX GeForce 8800Ultra
O/S: Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 + DirectX 9.0c
Driver: ForceWare 169.09 WHQL

Test Results:

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Gaming Results/Benchmarks: 

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Unlocking Core - Secrets:

AMD Phenom x3 8600/8600B is a Triple-core Processor. There are no chances to unlock cores.

Overclocking Ability:

AMD Phenom x3 8600/8600B is not a Black Edition Processor that why it does not overclock by setting multiplier. It only overclock 100mhz to 300mhz stable by increasing Motherboard FSB.

The Phenom x3 8600 perform well in all the results except Everest memory benchmark. I recommend this for Basic Gaming or Entry-level gaming or small Professional Home use.

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