Wednesday, 29 August 2012

AMD FX-4100 Unlocking core SECRETS

The AMD FX-4100 CPU

The AMD FX-4100 is a quad-core processor is basically a FX-8150 with 4-cores disabled. This obviously means that the chip has half of the L2 cache (4MB) enabled and a lower TDP (95W). The AMD FX-4100 even has the same 3.6 GHz base clock speed as the FX-8150, but differs slightly in Turbo mode as it is clocked lower. Turbo mode on the FX-4100 runs at just 3.7 (4 cores at load) or 3.8 GHz (2 cores at load), so it doesn't scale as high as the FX-8150.

The best part about the FX-4100 is without a doubt the price. The FX-4100 has a street price of $109.99 shipped, which is far less expensive than the FX-8150 that will set you back $269.99 shipped. Could the FX-4100 processor be the value play for the AMD desktop market? That is what we set to find out and we'll be comparing it against processors like the Intel Core i3-2120 quad-core 3.3GHz CPU that runs $127.01 shipped to see how this budget processors compare.

 The AMD FX-4100 will work only on AMD AM3+ ready motherboards, but the good news is that sites like Newegg have 46 AMD AM3+ boards to pick from with prices ranging from $54.99 to $239.99. This means that you can easily get a motherboard, 8GB DDR3 memory and the FX-4100 processor for far less than just the FX-8150!

When running all the threads at 100% when using a application like handbrake the AMD FX-4100 was observed running at 3600MHz, which just happens to be the standard base clock speed for this processor.


AMD FX-4100 CPU Overclocking

Overclocking greatly varies due to what hardware is being used and who is doing the overclocking. Always remember that no two pieces of hardware will perform the same, so our results will differ from what you might be able to get.

 With everything left to default in the BIOS and by just raising the multiplier up to 23.0 we were able to reach 4615.5MHz with Turbo disabled.  This means that all four cores were running this fast without any CPU or board voltage adjustments on the factory CPU cooler! Not bad performance numbers at all! We could get into Windows 7 at 4700MHz, but the system would blue screen as we needed to bump the voltage up. Things were starting to get toasty at 4.6GHz on the stock CPU cooler, so we called it a day here with a solid 1GHz overclock!

 Benchmark Results: The AMD FX-4100 didn't perform that bad in the game benchmarks, but it was just faster than the AMD A8-3850 and Intel Core i3-2120

Legit Bottom Line: The AMD FX-4100 didn't top the charts when it comes to CPU performance, but the low price and solid overclocking results make it a decent chip for those looking for a budget system build.



Unlock-Core - Secrets:

There are no cores to unlock. AMD said months ago that the FX series will not have unlocking features like that on the Phenom II series did. Considering the module design of the chip I would have to agree with that statement. 


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