Wednesday, 29 August 2012

"AMD" The Best Choice for Gaming in Cheap

When you want to purchase a PC(or Build your Own Rig), but you need performance/price balance then my choice is only & only AMD (Advanced micro devices) Processor based PC's.

Benefit of AMD Processor Based PC's given below:

1. Continuous outclass performance for every type of Application.

2. Upgrading & overclocking features are maximum.
3. The special benefit of AMD processors are have Unlock core & unlock multiplier in different models.
4. The gaming performance of AMD processors is great.
5. And also the 2D/3D soft-wares are running smoothly.

I am writing blogs about AMD vs Intel processors, ATI vs Nvidia Geforce Graphics card & also given hint & start discussion about "Purchasing, maintaining & overclocking" your AMD/ATI products.

I am waiting for your feedback in helping me to improve my Blog. For feedback comment Below. Thanks for reading my Blog.

If you need any help about AMD Processors, Graphics cards overclocking, unlocking, maintenance, improving gaming performance write feedback, i reply you as soon as possible.

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